Data is needed to create any visualization in Studio. While in Studio, users have a variety of tools to generate new data, such as group-by and join operations.

Import Data

Learn more about importing data into Studio.

Export Data

Learn more about exporting data from Studio.

Extract Data

Learn more about extracting a portion of data from your Studio project.

Add Column

Learn more about adding new columns to datasets.

Add Tiled Dataset

Learn more about adding a tiled dataset (such as Raster or Vector data) to Studio.

View Column

Learn more about viewing a single column in Studio.

View Data

Learn more about exploring your datasets from within Studio.

Replace Dataset

Learn more about replacing datasets in Studio, updating all layers and filters with the new data.

Rename Columns

Learn more about renaming columns in Studio.

Group By

Learn more about combining and aggregating data based on a specific field.

Join Operations

Learn more about combining data from two datasets that share a common field.

Spatial Join

Learn more about combining attributes from one dataset to another based on spatial relationships.


Learn more about generating geospatial boundaries for well-known administrative boundaries (e.g., ZIP Codes).