Maps serve as the foundation for your projects. Maps are highly configurable, support custom user interactions, and can be easily imported to and exported from Studio.

Create Map

Learn more about creating a new map in Studio.

Copy Map

Learn more about copying maps, allowing create a template for a new project.

Import Map

Learn more about importing maps through a human-readable JSON configuration file.

Export Map

Learn more about exporting your map as a JSON file, image, or video.

Publish Map

Learn more about publishing your map for others to see.

Base Maps

Learn more about customizing base maps, the map's underlying background, containing labels, boundaries, and bodies of water.


Learn more about Studio's supported interaction suite, including custom mouse-over tooltips and geocoders.


Learn more about configuring the map's legend, identifying colors and other visual elements to viewers.

Map Settings

Learn more about changing basic map settings, such as the map's name and description.

Map View Modes

Learn more about the different view modes available for your maps, including 3D and globe views.

Split Map Modes

Learn more about splitting your map's view, allowing users to compare an area (or two different areas) beside one another.

Time Playback

Learn more about managing animated playback for maps with a temporal data.