Heatmap Layer

Heatmap layers describe the intensity of data at geographical points through a colored overlap. The intensity can be weighted by a numerical field.

An example of the Heatmap Layer.

An example of the Heatmap Layer.


The following sections detail every setting for the Heatmap Layer.


Core settings for the Heatmap Layer.

Layer TypeMust be Heatmap to display the Heatmap Layer.
DatasetThe dataset to use for the Heatmap Layer.
ColumnsSelect a latitude and longitude.


Color settings for the heatmap.

Color PaletteThe color palette of the layer.
OpacityThe opacity of the heatmap layer.


The radius/coverage of the heatmap layer.

RadiusThe radius of the heatmap.


Weight settings for the heatmap. Weighing by a column increases the intensity of the map for points with the specified attribute.

Weight Based OnA column to base the weight on.


General heatmap settings.

IntensityValue that multiplied with the total weight at a pixel t obtain the final weight. A value larger than 1 biases the output color toward the higher end of the spectrum, while a value less than 1 biases the output toward the lower end of te spectrum.
ThresholdA larger threshold smoothens the boundaries of color blobs while making pixels with low weight harder to spot.

JSON Schema

For details on how to programmatically specify layer properties, refer to the Studio Layer Configuration specification.