Data Filters

You can use Data Filters to limit the data displayed on the map. Data filters are interactive, featuring support for cross-filtering with time filters and geospatial filters.

Note: Filters are applied to all layers that visualize the filtered dataset.

Add a Data Filter

Filters are applied to the values of columns in the selected dataset. To add a filter:

1. Navigate to the Filters tab, then click Add Filter.

All filters will appear in this tab. They are color-coded by the dataset they are applied to.

2. Select a field on which to filter your data.

Filter values are defined by field data type (such as number, string, or timestamp).

3. Configure your filter.

Upon creating a filter, you are presented with a configuration panel. When you make changes to this panel, the map will automatically update with your filter configuration.

For columns containing a range of numbers, a visual display of your data may appear below the dataset. You can use the slider or enter a number to quickly filter the data.

Adding a filter showing the highly rated Berlin Airbnbs.

For columns containing time data, a timeline will appear. Learn more about filtering your data by time.

Delete a Filter

You can remove a filter at any time by clicking the Delete icon.