Point Layer

The Point Layer draws dots on the map corresponding to latitude/longitude coordinates.

One of the most commonly used layers, the Point Layer can be leveraged in a variety of use cases where coordinates are available. The layer is one Studio's most configurable, with options to base the color, radius, and stroke on an attribute column.

An example of the Point Layer.

An example of the Point Layer.


The below section details all settings available for the Point Layer. Expand a section to see all settings.


Core settings for the Point Layer. Can either be created with a set of point columns or a GeoJSON Point feature.

Layer TypeMust be Point to display the point layer.
DatasetRequired. The dataset to use for the point layer.
Point ColumnsSpecify a latitude, longitude. Optionally, specify an altitude field and a neighbors geo field.
GeoJSON FeatureSpecify a GeoJSON Point column.

Fill Color

Settings related to the fill color of the point.

Fill Color ToggleToggle on/off to show/hide fill color.
Color Based OnThe field to base the fill color on.
Color ScaleThe color scale and palette for the fill color.
OpacityThe opacity of the fill color. 100 = fully opaque, 0 = fully transparent.


Settings related to the stroke (or outline) of the point.

Stroke ToggleToggle on/off to show/hide stroke.
Stroke Color Based OnThe field to base the stroke color on.
Color ScaleThe color scale and palette for the stroke color.
Stroke WidthThe stroke width in pixels.


Settings related to the radius of the points.

Radius SliderSet a minimum and maximum radius for the points.
Radius Based OnThe field to base the radius size on.
Radius ScaleThe scale to base radius on. Choose from linear, square root, and log.
Fixed Radius to MeterMap radius to meter. E.g., 5 radius equals 5 meters.
BillboardOrients points toward the camera.


Setting for labels, which can be optionally attached to the point.

Label FieldSelect a field to display on the label.
Font SizeThe size of the font to use on the label.
Font ColorThe color of the label font.
Outline WidthThe width of the outline in pixels. Set to 0 to disable the outline.
Outline ColorThe color for the outline label.
Background ColorToggle to enable a background color for the label. Choose a color with the color selector.
Text AnchorWhere, relative to the point, to anchor the text. Choose from start, middle, or end.
AlignmentHow to align the text. Choose from top, middle, or bottom.
+ Add More LabelsAdd another label to the points.


Settings related to the interactivity of the point layer.

Allow HoverAllows viewers to hover points. Hovered points are highlighted and tooltips can be displayed.
Highlight Neighbors on HoverHighlight neighbors (must be specified in the basic settings), fading all other points.
SHow Highlight ColorWhen enabled, highlight the hovered point yellow.

JSON Schema

For details on how to programmatically specify layer properties, refer to the Layer Configuration specification.