H3 Database Plugins

The Studio team is developing new plugins and tools to install the H3 core library in a variety of databases.

For H3 API reference, please visit the H3 documentation.


Visit the H3-Presto GitHub repository

The H3-Presto library provides Presto bindings for the H3 Core Library via a Presto plugin.


To clone the open source repository, run git clone https://github.com/foursquare/h3-presto.git.

Then, install the plugin on all nodes of your Presto cluster.

For convenience of deployment, the plugin is distributed as a shaded Jar with dependencies (such as H3-Java and Guava) packaged in.

Once installed, Presto automatically load the H3Plugin at startup. H3 functions will be available from SQL, e.g.:

SELECT h3_latlng_to_cell(lat, lng, 9) AS hex FROM my_table;