Annotations can be added to the map to describe its features with labels pointing to a specific location or area of the map.

Annotations pointing to locations in New York City.

Annotations pointing to locations in New York City.


Note: Free users can only add one annotation to their map. Contact us to learn more about upgrading to an enterprise account..

Make an Annotation in Studio

To make an annotation in Studio:

  1. Click the Annotation button on the upper-right corner of Studio.
  2. Shift-click on the map or click + New Annotation to create a new label on the map.
  3. Drag-and-drop both the pointer and label to move them independently.
  4. Type a label, the configure your annotation.

When you click off the annotation and close the annotation screen, the annotations are no longer editable.

Making a new annotation in Foursquare Studio.

Copy, Edit, and Delete Labels

To copy a label, you can either click the Duplicate button on the annotation panel, or click Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V.

To edit a label, simply click the Annotation button then select any annotation to edit by clicking its label or line on the map. You can also select it in the Annotations window on the upper-right corner of Studio.

To delete a label, click the trash can icon when hovering over an annotation item in the Annotations window, or click Backspace.

Label Rich Text Editor

When typing a label, you are presented with a rich-text editor above the text box. From here, you are presented with several options.

Editor OptionDescription
FontChange the selected text's font to a number of supported fonts, including Arial, Courier New, Georgia, Graphik Web, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, and Verdana.
Font SizeSize of the selection's font in pixels. Font size will remain the same as you zoom in and out of the map, meaning labels should always be legible.
BoldBolden selected text.
ItalicItalicize selected text.
UnderlineUnderline selected text.
Font colorChoose from previously used font colors, or click + to add a new color to your palette. Applies to selected text.
Background ColorChoose from previously used background colors, or click + to add a new color to your palette. Applies to selected text.
LinkAdd a hyperlink for the selected text.

Modifying an annotation's label text.

Annotation Options

In the annotation window on the upper right corner, you are presented with several options to customize your annotations:

Annotation OptionDescription
ConnectorChoose from displaying no connector (with only a label), a line with a closed circle, a line with a pointed arrow, or a line with a scalable open circle (used to represent a specific area rather than a point).
Line WidthThe width of the connector. This line will scale as you zoom in and out of the map.
Line ColorThe color of the map. Click to open a color selector.

Changing annotation options.

Hide/Display All Annotations

You may wish to toggle annotations on your map, allowing users to get a better view of the data. To hide/display all annotations in the map:

1. Navigate to the Interactions tab in the left-hand sidebar.

2. Enable/Disable annotations.

Hiding/showing all annotations on a map.