The Studio Platform load Cloud-Optimized GeoTIFFs (COG) by specifying URLs to standardized Spatio-Temporal Asset Catalog (STAC) metadata.

STAC metadata requirements

Studio provides tiling and metadata services but can work against external tiling services provided that they conform to standard STAC and tiling conventions.

  • The metadata file must be a valid STAC Item, version 1.0.0 or higher. STAC Collections and Catalogs are not currently supported.
  • Raster data referenced in STAC assets should be Cloud-Optimized GeoTIFFs and need to be publicly accessible via HTTPS.
  • STAC item must have Electro-Optical and Raster extensions, and at least one asset must have both eo:bands and raster:bands information. common_name must be provided in eo:bands and data_type must be provided in raster:bands. For categorical bands statistics.minimum and statistics.maximum must be set in raster:bands.

Raster data_type support table:

Data typeDescriptionSupported
int88-bit integerYes
int1616-bit integerYes
int3232-bit integerYes
int6464-bit integerNo
uint8unsigned 8-bit integer (common for 8-bit RGB PNG's)Yes
uint16unsigned 16-bit integerYes
uint32unsigned 32-bit integerYes
uint64unsigned 64-bit integerNo
float1616-bit floatNo
float3232-bit floatNo
float6464-big floatNo
cint1616-bit complex integerNo
cint3232-bit complex integerNo
cfloat3232-bit complex floatNo
cfloat6464-bit complex floatNo
otherOther data type than the ones listed above (e.g. boolean, string, higher precision numbers)No

Categorical data

The Studio Platform supports categorical band channels where every pixel is underlying to some category (eg. snow, agriculture, water, clouds etc.). Every pixel of an image has a numeric value related to some category. For appropriate re-scaling colormaps, statistics.minimum and statistics.maximum must be set in raster:bands extension (Raster extension statistics).