A collection of answers to frequently asked questions about the Studio platform. Have another question? Join the Community slack channel or reach out to us directly at [email protected].

How can I get data from my back-end service into Studio?

The Data SDK provides authentication and APIs enabling users to interact with Studio's cloud storage and services. We are alo building out a suite of database connectors.

Is there a limit on the number of datasets that can be added to a map?

While there is no hard limit, at some point the total size of the datasets you add will affect performance, load times etc.

What is the maximum file upload size?

Studio itself does not impose hard limits on file sizes, however beyond 250MB, performance may be reduced. See our notes on Working with Big Data for ways to work with bigger datasets.

In addition, the backend storage does have quota limitations that are defined by the type of Studio account you are using.

How many layers can I add to a map?

There is no limit on the amount of layers you can add. However, the more layers you have on your map, the more likely it is that interactive performance will be affected.

Why does my layer color change during filtering?

When layer color is based on a numerical value (e.g, trip fare, distance, ETA), Studio recalculates the color scale based on filtered data. This is not the case for categorical values such as vehicle_name, cuisine_type and app version.

Can I export my map to a video file?

Studio gives you the option to generate and export video files. Videos can be exported in different formats (GIF, WebM Video, PNG Sequence or JPEG Sequence) and with different quality levels. For more info see Video Export documentation.

What can I expect from features marked as "Beta"?

Some Studio Platform features are marked with the "beta" flag, either in the documentation, the Studio user interface, or both.

Beta feature

Beta features are typically newly released features that still have some limitations and may be less stable than other production features.

We release some features early under the beta tag because we are eager to share new developments with our users and get early product feedback. We encourage usage and testing of beta features, especially for non-production use.

We welcome feedback on beta features. Strong user interest will help accelerate completion of features, and bug reports will help us address any lingering issues.