glTF files can be used in the 3D Layer and the Trip Layer in Studio.

Studio supports glTF files as follows:

  • glTF v2 files
  • glTF v1 files are supported on a best effort basis, but are not guaranteed to work.
  • A subset of glTF extensions are supported, see table below.

While all supported glTF files will load and render in Studio, the
following rendering features are not supported:

  • morph targets, joints and skins
  • order independent transparency (rendering artifacts for transparent materials).

Note: simple (scene graph) animations and basic transparency are supported.

glTF Extensions

The glTF format evolves by adding optional extensions to the specification.
The following glTF extensions are currently supported by Studio:

glTF extensionDescription
KHR_draco_mesh_compression.Compressed mesh attributes (geometry).
KHR_materials_unlitSpecifies that a material should not be affected by light. Useful for pre-lit materials (e.g. photogrammetry).

Most glTF extensions are optional, so even if a glTF file contains
an extension that is not supported by the Studio Platform, the Studio application
will still be able load and display the file.

It is however possible for a glTF file to mark an extension as required, in this case Studio may fail to load it if the extension is not supported.