To make full use of the Studio platform you need to have an account. While there are a few features that require a paid account, Studio offers free accounts that provide access to a wide range of features and quotas intended to cover non-professional use of the platform.

Signing Up

To sign up, navigate to the Studio Home Page and click the either the 'Log In' or 'Log In or Sign Up' buttons.

Enter your email then follow the sign-up procedure. Be sure to check your email for the confirmation email.

Alternatively, create your Studio account through Google or Foursquare. When your browser is authenticated to your Google or Foursquare account, you will automatically log into Studio.

Enterprise User Sign Up

If you sign up with an email with an email domain corresponding to an existing enterprise account, you will automatically become a member of that organization and be granted access to the Studio enterprise feature set.

As a member of an organization, Studio will display additional tabs with shared enterprise maps and data. For more information, see Teams.

Upgrading your account

Should you find that you need some of the professional features in the Studio platform, or if you need to increase your storage and processing quotas, you can easily upgrade your free account to a paid tier.

For more information on paid account options, refer to product information on our website. Please reach out to us via email at [email protected] or via our Slack channel.