Hex Tile Layer

The Hex Tile Layer must be used to visualize Hex Tile, Foursquare's analytic tiling system for geospatial data that combines the ability of tiling systems to handle massive datasets with the power of the H3 hierarchical grid system.

For more information:

An example of the Hex Tile Layer.

An example of the Hex Tile Layer.


The following sections detail every setting available for the Hex Tile Layer.


Core settings for the Hex Tile Layer.

Layer TypeMust be Hex Tile to display a Hex Tile dataset.
DatasetThe Hex Tile dataset to use.

Fill Color

Color settings for the Hex Tile fill color.

Color Based OnThe metric that the fill color is based on.
Color ScaleThe color scale and palette of the layer.
Dynamic ColorUse a dynamic color scale based on the data visible in the viewport.
OpacityThe opacity of color fill.


Height settings for the Hex Tile layer. This is best viewed with 3D view mode enabled.

Height SliderIncrease to raise the height of the layer's hexagons.
Height Based OnAn column to base the height off of.
Height ScaleChoose from linear, sqrt, and log.

JSON Schema

For details on how to programmatically specify layer properties, refer to the Studio Layer Configuration specification.