Feature Matrix

This page outlines which features are supported in the On-Prem SDK, using the Foursquare Studio product as a reference.

Features that exhibit identical functionality to the Foursquare Studio web application are listed as "Supported." If discrepancies exist between Studio and the On-Prem SDK, they are described in the table.

Features marked as "Excluded" have been intentionally cut from the On-Prem SDK. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Backend dependent - The On-Prem SDK is designed to integrate with your organization's own back-end services, and as a result, intentionally excludes features that are dependent on Foursquare's Studio cloud services (user identity, cloud storage, publishing/loading of published maps, etc).
  • Stability concerns - The On-Prem SDK comes with a high degree of stability. Some parts of Studio are evolving rapidly and has not yet become practical to offer these features in the On-Prem SDK. This will of course change over time.
  • Vertical Features - A subset of features in Studio are targeting more vertical use cases specific to Foursquare customers and adjacent Foursquare products and services. The On-Prem SDK will remain a general geospatial visualization and analytics platform offering a general-purpose, horizontal feature set.

Data Import

The On-Prem SDK offers support for CSV, JSON, and GeoJSON file import. In addition, the On-Prem SDK also offers support for Raster and Vector tile import.

Database connectors are not supported by the On-Prem SDK.

Raster TilesSupported
Vector TilesSupported
Database ConnectorsExcluded
Database Query UIExcluded

Data/Map Export

Maps can be exported via their JSON map configuration, allowing the map to be loaded programmatically. In addition, data can be exported in either CSV or GeoJSON format, regardless of the original dataset's format. Users may also export a PNG image of the current map view.

Animated maps cannot be exported as videos from the On-Prem SDK.

Map ExportJSON Export
Data ExportCSV, GeoJSON Export
Image ExportPNG Export
Video ExportExcluded


Most Studio layers are fully supported by the On-Prem SDK.

Several layers that utilize Studio cloud services are excluded from the On-Prem SDK.

Arc LayerSupported
Cluster LayerSupported
Polygon LayerSupported
Grid LayerSupported
H3 LayerSupported
Heatmap LayerSupported
Hexbin LayerSupported
Icon LayerSupported
Line LayerSupported
Point LayerSupported
S2 LayerSupported
Raster LayerSupported
Vector LayerSupported
Trip LayerA limited, basic trip layer is supported
3D LayerExcluded
Flow LayerExcluded
Hex Tile LayerExcluded
3D Tile LayerExcluded

Color Scales

All color scale options are available in the On-Prem SDK.

Quantile Color ScaleSupported
Quantize Color ScaleSupported
Linear Color ScaleSupported
Ordinal Color ScaleSupported
Jenks Natural BreakSupported
Custom BreaksSupported


Filters are supported by the On-Prem SDK.

The ability to synchronize timeline filters has been excluded from the On-Prem SDK.

Base FiltersSupported
Sync Timeline FilterExcluded


Expressions, table joins, and group by operations are supported by the On-Prem SDK.

Several analytic offerings are excluded from the On-Prem SDK as they require a number of Studio cloud services.

JoinTable joins
Group BySupported
Spatial JoinExcluded
Suitability AnalysisExcluded
Cluster-outlier AnalysisExcluded
Spatial OperationExcluded
Hex Tile ServicesExcluded


The mouse-over tooltip, brush, and coordinate display are available in the On-Prem SDK.

The geocoder has been excluded from the On-Prem SDK as it relies on internet services to transform a user's text-based description to a pair of coordinates.



Charts are supported by the On-Prem SDK.

Big NumberSupported
Horizontal BarSupported
Tooltip ChartsSupported

Map View Modes

The On-Prem SDK supports all map view modes available in Studio. Many map styles that are available by default on the standard Studio web application are not available from the On-Prem SDK.

Base mapBasic map styles and user-provided map styles with custom tile source.
Draw Polygon and FilterSupported
Split ModeSupported
3D ModeSupported
Globe ModeSupported

Asset Management

User and map management is currently not supported by the Studio On-Prem SDK. Asset management is available from Studio's dashboard portal, which is not within the Map SDK's scope.

User AuthenticationExcluded
Save to CloudExcluded
Share map with OrgExcluded
Copy MapExcluded
Replace Dataset (within Studio)Excluded
Data CatalogExcluded


Customization options are available and can be defined based on customer requirements. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Custom Styling (basic theme, background color, buttons, and more)
  • Customize the left-hand side panel to hide/unhide docs, help and logos
  • Disable panels (layer panel, column panel, drawing controls, and more)
  • Inject custom basemap styles

Analytics and Error Reporting

The On-Prem SDK has APIs that provide:

  • Analytics and error reporting hooks via event handlers
  • Control of user interface customizations