Movement SDK Overview

The Movement SDK enables developers, marketers and brands to create real-time, contextual mobile experiences, and bridge the gap between online interests and real-world behaviors.

The Movement SDK leverages Foursquare underlying POI data (105M globally) and user signals from its consumer apps to translate location signals into actionable location intelligence, such as “at a restaurant”, “at a pet shop”, “at home”, “at work”.

Easily send those location signals to one of our marketing platform partners using Movement native integrations or send the data to your own backend to create stronger audience segments based on location patterns, to enrich user profiles by adding location history, and personalize customer experience.


SDK Access

Before you can implement the Movement SDK in your app, the following steps are required:

  • Sign up for a Foursquare Developer Account
  • Apply for SDK Access

For more information, please read our Get Started guide.

Learn About the SDK

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SDK Feature Breakdown

Learn about the functionaliity available to create a rich, contextual mobile experience.

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Mobile App Use Cases

Find inspiration on how to build powerful location-aware app experiences for your mobile apps.

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Movement SDK FAQs

Get the answers to our most common questions regarding usage of the Movement SDK inside your mobile app.

Get Started with Your Platform of Choice

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Movement SDK for Android

Build powerful location-aware app experiences for your Android apps.

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Movement SDK for iOS

Build powerful location-aware app experiences for your iOS apps.

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Movement SDK for React Native

Build powerful location-aware app experiences for your React Native apps.

Leverage Additional Resources & Tools

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Third Party Integrations

Integrate Foursquare's event detection with your preferred CDP, MMA or Cloud Data Provider.

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Data Usage & Schemas

View full reference tables for Movement SDK categories, chains, visits and geofence data schemas.

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Developer Console for SDK

The gateway into Foursquare's Developer tools where developers can configure the SDK, set up billing, and more.


As of January 31, 2023 Foursquare changed the name of our existing Pilgrim SDK product to Movement SDK. This change comes as Foursquare looks to align our product names closer to their functionality and bring the Pilgrim SDK closer to our other family of products.

If you are already using the Pilgrim SDK, you may continue to do so or elect to upgrade to the Movement SDK documented within this section.