Manage Your Organizations

Organizations enable you to manage multiple projects under a single parent entity for a simplified billing structure as well as control user access to the associated projects.

Access Your Organizations

Learn how to access your organization(s) and its associated projects.

Manage Org Settings

Learn how to create, view and access related projects within an organization.

Manage Billing

Learn how to view billing summary and transaction history, as well as manage payments.

Member Access & Permissions

Learn about available access roles and permissions, as well as how to add and edit memebers.


Things to Keep In Mind

  • Your Account will be assigned by default to a single Organization, to which all Projects that currently exist within your Account will be associated.
  • If you need to create additional Organizations (for example, to designate a different billing entity than your existing Organization), you may do so within your Account.
    • NOTE: You may not create or use multiple Organizations relating to the same end product (e.g., application, website, service, etc.) or code base.
  • You will automatically be granted “Administrator” level access to manage all settings within any Organization and each underlying Project created within your Account.
  • As the Administrator, you will be able to invite one or more other users who have an account within the Foursquare Developer Platform to collaborate with you in one or more Organizations and/or Projects that you have created, as well as designate varying Organization- and Project-specific access and permissions levels for each user you have added.
  • Other users may also invite you to be a part of one or more Organizations that they have created.