Visits Data Schema


Amazon S3 Data Integration

The following visits data schema refers specifically to the data Foursquare sends via the Amazon S3 integration.

To learn more, please see the Amazon S3 Data Integration Guide.

VisitIdThe ID of the visitN
ConsumerIdThe application’s Foursquare consumerIdN
ConsumerTypeDeviceOS Type. One of androidSdk or iosSdkN
SdkBuildThe SDK Build versionN
InstallIdThe unique ID created by Pilgrim for each installationN
AdIdThe user ADIDY
ArrivalTimeTime of the arrival in milliseconds since epochN
DepartureTimeTime of the departure in milliseconds since epoch. Available on exit and historical visit typesN
LocationTypeThe type of place the event corresponds to, which is one of: venue, home, work, none, unknownN
ConfidenceLevelThe venue confidence level. One of: none, low, med, highY
ArrivalLatThe latitude of the user when they arrived at the placeN
ArrivalLngThe longitude of the user when they arrived at the placeN
DepartureLatThe latitude of the user when they departed the placeN
DepartureLngThe longitude of the user when they departed the placeN
BackfilledWhether the visit was backfilled or not: true or falseN
VenueIdThe venue IDY
VenueNameThe Venue nameY
AddressThe address of the venueY
CrossStreetThe venue cross streetY
CityThe city of the venueY
StateThe state of the venueY
ZipThe zip of the venueY
CountryCodeThe country code of the venueY
VenueLatThe latitude of the venue centerY
VenueLngThe longitude of the venue centerY
Chain1_idThe primary chain IdY
Chain1The primary chain nameY
Chain2_idThe secondary chain IdY
Chain2The secondary chain nameY
Chain3_idThe tertiary chain IdY
Chain3The tertiary chain nameY
Category_primary_idThe primary category idY
Category_primaryThe primary category nameY
Category_secondary_idThe secondary category idY
Category_secondaryThe secondary category nameY
Category_tertiary_idThe tertiary category idY
Category_tertiaryThe tertiary category nameY
PartnerVenue_IdThe partner ID from the venue harmonization processY