On-Prem Servers

Foursquare is developing a suite of geospatial backend servers that will be made available for separate licensing.

  • Raster Server - High bit depth raster tiling and search capabilities (supports private cloud optimized geotiffs).
  • Shapify Server - Perform automatic boundary polygon injection for admin boundary identifiers without sharing your boundary columns with the Studio cloud.

Please ask us if you’re interested in potentially licensing a Studio On-Prem Backend Service.

Using the On-Prem SDK with On-Prem Servers

The Studio On-Prem SDK can optionally be configured to integrate with the Studio On-Prem backend services, in case customers would like to deploy them as part of their own tooling.

Please ask us if you’re interested in potentially in using a Studio On-Prem Backend Service together with the Studio On-Prem SDK.

Find us in the Studio Community Slack channel or contact us directly via email.