SDK Reference

The sections below contain an overview of the Data SDK organized by function.

Data Functions

API FunctionDescription
upload-fileCreate a dataset from a data upload.
upload_dataframeCreate a dataset from a pandas/geopandas dataframe.
get-datasetGet a data record.
download-datasetDownload a dataset.
update-datasetUpdate a data record with an upload.
delete-datasetDelete a dataset. Deletes all data associated with the dataset.
list-datasetsGet all dataset records for the user.
execute-queryExecute a query against a data connector.
list-data-connectorsList all data connectors added to the authorized account.
create-query-datasetCreate a dataset from a query.
create-external-datasetCreate a dataset referencing an external URL.
generate-vectortileProcess a dataset into a set of Vector Tiles.

Hex Tile Functions

API FunctionDescription
generate-hextileProcess a dataset into Hex Tiles.
enrichEnrich a dataset with Hex Tiles. Enriching refers to the process of combining a non-Hex Tile dataset with a Hex Tile dataset.
extractExtract a data from a specified geometry region. All columns from the region and resolution is returned in a GeoPandas H3 dataframe.

Map Functions

API FunctionDescription
create-mapCreate a map record, specifying the map state and list of associated datasets.
copy-mapCopy an existing map, copying the map and layer configuration.
get-mapGet a map record, including the full map state and list of associated datasets.
update-mapUpdate a map record, including the map state and list of associated datasets.
replace-datasetReplace a dataset on a map.
delete-mapDelete a map record.
list-mapsGet all map records for the user.

Sharing Functions

API FunctionDescription
get-permissionsGet permissions for a resource. Returns user and organization access levels.
set-permissionsSet permissions for a resource. Configure user and organization access levels.

SDK Reference

Visit the Data SDK's SDK Reference to view all functions, methods, and parameter specifications.