Release Notes

June 2023

  • Service Accounts (Enterprise Only) - The ability to create a Service Account on behalf of your application in order to generate OAuth tokens. Service account level OAuth tokens are valid only for use with the Foursquare Movement Geofence API. This feature is only available for Enterprise accounts.

May 2023

  • No new releases

April 2023

  • New: Domain restrictions for API keys - By adding URL restrictions to an API key, only requests originating from the specified list of URLs/domains will be authorized. By default, created keys are unrestricted and will work for requests from any URL.

March 2023

  • No new releases

February 2023

  • No new releases

January 2023

  • No new releases

December 2022

  • Organization invites - Organization Admins can now send out email invites for team members to join an organization in the Developer Console. This makes the onboarding process quicker, as Admins no longer have to wait until a team member has created an account to join an organization. Learn more about Organization Invites.

May 2022

  • OneSignal Integration– SDK partners/prospects who partner with OneSignal for in-app push notifications are now able to push Pilgrim-contextualized notifications to end users.
  • Unfolded Visualization for SDK Usage (Closed Beta) -SDK partners can unlock new visual insights via Unfolded Studio. Closed Beta is limited to visualizing the top 15chains, categories, and geofence events.
  • Organizations- Console users can now collaborate with teammates, manage multiple projects, add new users, and assign different permissions, all within a single billing account.
  • Refreshed Look & Feel- Improved UI/UX of the project& organization home screens to align with the console’s updated design system.