Developer Console Overview

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Sign up to build scalable mobile or web experiences for your users with Foursquare's global location data. In just a few simple steps, you'll be up and running with your first project in no time!

Get Started

Get Started

Jump into the Foursquare Developer Console to start managing your account.

Account Management

Manage all aspects of your Developer Console account including settings, billing, member access/roles and the creation of new projects.

API Explorer

Account Settings

Once you've registered, you can manage your Developer account within the Console.

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Manage Your Organizations

Organizations enable you to manage multiple projects under a single parent entity for a simplified billing structure.


The API section allows you to manage all of your API keys as well as keep track of your API usage on multiple levels. This helps ensure accurate billing and gives you insight into how you are using the various endpoints.

API Status

Manage API Settings

Keep track of your API keys as well as view your API usage including reports per endpoint.

Movement SDK

Once the Movement SDK functionality has been activated for your Developer Project, you can access all of the functionality listed below. NOTE: Some features are only available for Enterprise tier accounts.

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Manage Movement SDK Implementation

Once the SDK has been activated for your Developer Project, you have access to the following functionality.

Product Support

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Get the answers to our most common questions regarding usage of the Developer Console and related topics.

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Release Notes

Discover the most recent improvements, including the addition of new functionality and other important changes.