Manage Movement SDK


Activation Required

In order to access Movement SDK functionality within the Developer Console, Foursquare must first activate the feature for your account.

Please reach out to Request Access.

Once the Movement SDK functionality has been activated for your Developer Project, you have access to the following functionality.

NOTE: Some features are only available for Enterprise tier accounts.

Visit Detection Notifications

Learn how to manage venue filters and basic criteria for visit notifications.

Manage Geofences

Learn how to create new geofences and view existing ones.

View Journeys

Learn how to view on-going journeys as well as complete journey data.

Enable 3rd Party Integrations

Learn how to enable third party integeations for data delivery of arrival and departure events.

Configure Server Webhooks

Learn how to set up webhooks to your server and view available payloads.

View SDK Event Logs

Learn how to use our Event Logger to register test devices and view events during testing.

Request User Data Removal

Learn how to request user data removal on behalf of your app end users.

View and Filter Usage Reporting

Learn how to view Movement SDK usage and modify reporting filters.