Event Handlers

The following event handlers are provided by the Map SDK:

Event HandlerEventDescription
onClickMouseEventCalled when the user clicks on the map. Contained in MapEventHandlers.
onFilterUpdateFilterCalled when a map filter changes. Contained in FilterEventHandlers.
onGeometrySelectionGeometrySelectionEventCalled when a geometry is selected on the map. Contained in MapEventHandlers.
onHoverMouseEventCalled when a mouse hovers over a visible part of the map. Contained in MapEventHandlers.
onLayerTimelineUpdateLayerTimelineCalled when the layer timeline's current time has changed. Contained in LayerEventHandlers.
onViewUpdateViewCalled when the visible map viewport changes. Contained in MapEventHandlers.
onUserEventUserEventCalled when the user triggers an event.


When using Javascript, event handlers can be accessed, added, and modified through the map object. With Python, use set_event_handlers to set and modify event handlers, and remove_event_handlers to remove event handlers.

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