Release Notes - Data SDK


This change log covers the Data SDK which is installed / used via:

  • HTTP rest interface
  • Python pip module

For non-REST APIs, use standard installation mechanisms to select a specific version of the Studio Data SDK:

pip install

v0.17 Release


  • Bugfix for update_dataset function


  • Added support for updating dataset metadata in the update_dataset function

v0.16 Release


  • Improved the reliability of a progress bar indicator by switching to tqdm library


  • Added support for PMTiles uploads

v0.15 Release


  • Added support for FlatGeoBuf uploads
  • Added more options to the generate_vectortile function and CLI command

v0.14 Release


  • Added generate_vectortile function and CLI command

v0.13 Release


  • Default strict to True in replace_dataset
  • Bugfix in replace_dataset


  • Added get_permissions function and CLI command
  • Added set_permissions function and CLI command
  • Added create_external_dataset function and CLI command

v0.12 Release


  • Maintenance release


  • Added strict option for replace_dataset type checking
  • Added list_data_connectors function and CLI command
  • Added execute_query function and CLI command
  • Added create_query_dataset function and CLI command

v0.11 Release


  • Updated API URLs


  • Added support for non-rotating refresh tokens.
  • Removed support for Python 3.6.

v0.10 Release


  • Python: Added support for initiating authentication from the command line.

    While users may still manually authenticate, our new automatic authentication method opens a web page requesting permission to authenticate. Click Accept to access your stored assets and Data SDK endpoints.

v0.9 Release


  • Bug fix: Map object was not handled as an argument to update_map
  • Bug fix: Internal fix to resolve an errors while using CLI


  • Bug fix: Fix import error in


  • Python: add replace_dataset function and CLI commands

v0.8 Release


  • Python: add copy_map function and CLI commands

v0.7 Release


  • Python: allow listing maps and datasets by organization
  • Python: indicate to the user that their refresh token was saved

v0.6 Release


  • Python: add support for the tile_extract method to extract data from Hextile tileset

v0.5 Release


  • Python: Add type, content_type and size to Dataset model
  • Python: Optionally do not persist authentication credentials to disk. Pass store_credentials=True to the DataSDK constructor when used on a personal computer or other secure, single-user machine. Pass store_credentials=True to the DataSDK constructor when on a multi-user system where the credentials_dir is accessible by multiple users. The store_credentials parameter defaults to True except when code is being run as the ROOT user.
  • Python: Provide better error messages when the server returns an error.

v0.4 Release


  • Python: Add **version** string to Data SDK Python package.


  • Exclude null from the CLI's list_map command. Improve documentation for map GET endpoints


  • Add get-dataset CLI method


  • Add Map API bindings

v0.3 Release


  • Download dataset to DataFrame
  • Apply compression to data before uploading
  • Raise AuthenticationError for 401 and 403 responses from the server
  • Add progress bar for uploads via the CLI
  • Combine upload file and update dataset into one function
  • Add progress bar when downloading to file via the CLI

v0.2 Release


  • Upload-only support for pandas DataFrames
  • Update docstrings for public methods
  • Rename content_type to media_type
  • Better exceptions when unable to write credentials
  • Derive default dataset name from file path
  • Add --force option to delete-dataset CLI command
  • Force utf-8 encoding when opening files
  • Infer token expiration from token itself
  • Make list-datasets CLI output actual JSON
  • Automatically refresh access token using refresh token
  • Update install docs

v0.1 Release


  • Initial support for Data SDK