Request User Data Removal

Request via Developer Console

Foursquare gives developers multiple ways of deleting their user's data to help ensure they stay compliant with various privacy laws.

We provide a form from your Developer Console that allows you to provide up to a 1000 install IDs to be processed and removes all visit data for those install IDs from our systems.

To request user data removal on behalf of your users:

  1. On the Delete IDs page from the Pilgrim SDK, in the Request User Data Removal section, provide up to 1000 comma-separated Install IDs.
  2. Click Save.

Request via API


To facilitate requests for deletion exercised under applicable privacy and data protection laws, we have made the following endpoint available to you to request removal of a user's data from our servers. This endpoint will allow you to submit deletion requests directly from your application.

Install IDs

This endpoint requires the submission of the installId associated with the accounts you would like removed. These install ids have been provided to you by Pilgrim and starting May 25th, 2018 it is your responsibility as the app developer to provide these install ids to Foursquare for the removal of a user's data. An example install id would be: 2B82C786-7BB8-4601-9A86-372417AAD4AC

A successful request will return a 200 response code and a 400 will be returned for invalid install ids.

Endpoint Description




A valid oauth_token of an authorized administrator of the Foursquare application. A guide on how to generate this token can be found here.


installId2B82C786-7BB8-4601-9A86-372417AAD4ACrequired A comma separated string of installation UUIDs.


  "meta": {
    "code": 200,
    "requestId": "5b06e2624434b978253ff6b3"
  "notifications": [
      "type": "notificationTray",
      "item": {
        "unreadCount": 0
  "response": {}


Bulk Upload Available via Your Developer Console

You can also submit Data Erasure requests within your Developer Console. Enter up to 1000 Pilgrim SDK Install IDs.

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