API Usage


Authenticating against the API is done by passing your API Key.

Rate Limits

Usage of the Places API is subject to rate limits.


HTTP status codes to indicate success or failure of an API request.


Endpoints that return a list of results, we may return pagination details in the response's header.

Session Tokens

Group the user's query and the user's selected result into a discrete session for billing purposes.


Specify the locale by setting the Accept-Language HTTP header in your request.

Response Fields

The returnable metadata of the FSQ Places API.

Places Categories

Categories are assigned to a Foursquare Place in two distinct attributes.

Places Chains

Explicit associations between national and local brands and their brick-and-mortar locations.

Supported Countries

Places has over 100 million POIs across 247 countries and territories.

Usage Guidelines

Help us maintain our platform, and follow our Usage rules.

Visual Crediting Policy

Visually credit Foursquare by downloading our logos and hosting on your CDN.

Places Photos Guide

Retrieve components of a photo URL that can be quickly assembled to get a photo.


Provides pricing options designed to meet your needs.