Delete Managed User

Delete a manager user's record from the Foursquare database in response to an end user's request to delete their personal data.

Once you've called the Delete Managed User endpoint, please use the Check Privacy Request Status Endpoint to find the status (pending/completed/expired) of your managed user deletion request.

If you are looking to delete a Movement SDK user rather than a managed user for your application, please use the SDK Request User Deletion Endpoint instead.


Public Beta Feature

This documentation covers a feature currently in Public Beta. Access is available to anyone interested in building personalized experiences for their end-users.

This feature is subject to the Personalization API (Self-Service) Public Beta End user License Agreement 📄.


Foursquare Service Account Required

These endpoints require the use of a Foursquare Service Account that acts on behalf of your application. Please make sure you've created a Service Account and use the associated API Key when making calls to the following endpoints.

For more information, please read Service Account Authentication.

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