User-Generated Content


Public Beta Feature

This documentation covers a feature currently in Public Beta. Access is available to anyone interested in building personalized experiences for their end-users.

This feature is subject to the Personalization API (Self-Service) Public Beta End user License Agreement 📄.


Power rich location searches helping users find the best places through access to photos, reviews, tips, and more.

User-generated content forms a cycle that powers increasingly personalized and detailed app experiences. Our UGC endpoints can help you generate the necessary signal for better, more powerful place search results.

API in Action

  • Generate social proof
    Build trust and credibility in your platform by providing users with content from real people as they explore new venues.
  • Analyze consumer sentiment
    Leverage venue ratings derived from ML-powered sentiment analysis (amongst other signals) to track consumer trends
  • Solve the cold start problem
    Immediately drive personalization by enabling users to tag their preferences from Foursquare’s exclusive and robust Tastes library.
  • Boost ad performance
    Generate the signal needed to provide targeted and sponsored content based on user preferences to increase CTRs.
  • Better understand your users
    Collect key feedback to feed your recommendations algorithm and create user persona profiles for stronger segmentation and targeting.

User Generated Content Resources

Access the essential endpoints for building personalized, scalable, and privacy-compliant experiences for your customers.


Let users ‘check-in’ to a venue to increase their engagement while you develop stronger customer profiling.


Make it easy for users to curate custom lists of Places, like travel wishlists, trip itineraries, and local favorites.


Allow users to view the details associated with a venue's photos.


Let users choose their own Tastes in order to jump-start personalization with our unique and extensive Tastes taxonomy.


Provide users with millions of venue-specific reviews and enable them to share their own experiences.


Create Foursquare users and link them with your own in order to start leveraging the UGC and personalization API features.