Release Notes

This space outlines the new features and updates made to the Measurement API with each noteworthy release. We will also highlight any features that are under active development, though availability of upcoming features and their release timeline is subject to change without warning.

MAPI 2.0.2 – 10.25.2020

  • Relaxing limits on Meta-Analysis: MAPI's Meta-Analysis feature allows you to request metrics across multiple Report IDs in a single query. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, but we've heard that the initial 50 Report ID limit was too restrictive. We've relaxed that limit so that you query metrics for up to 1,000 Report IDs at a time! Please note that these requests are handled asynchronously; depending on the complexity of the query and the number of IDs, fulfilling the request could take a significant amount of time. Talk to your account representative for more information.
  • Increasing Page Limits in the /reports Endpoint: By default, responses from the /reports endpoint utilize endpoint pagination to improve performance. Previously, you could use the perPage key to increase the limit to 100 rows at a time. Today, along with Meta-Analysis improvements, we're increasing the maximum perPage limit to 1,000 rows, making it easier to get a comprehensive look at your campaigns and reports!

MAPI 2.0.1 – 09.01.2020

  • New! Tactics in MAPI: If your media is tagged with tactic identifiers used for custom attribution reports, you can now use MAPI to query volume and performance metrics for them! Where available, tactics can be queried from the /data endpoint. If you're interested in learning more about tactics in attribution, please reach out to your account representative.
  • New! Optimization Metrics in MAPI: A counterpart to tactics, optimization metrics are intended to help you make informed decisions as your media plan unfolds. Take a look at the /data endpoint documentation to review the dimensions and metrics made available with optimization. Note that these features are not available by default; please reach out to your account representative to discuss enabling optimization metrics in your campaigns today!

MAPI 2.0.0 – 06.10.2020

  • New! The Beta Period Ends: Thank you to all of our enthusiastic partners for your feedback as we release MAPI for General Availability. We have an exciting roadmap of new features and improvements under development, and we'll continue to publish important updates to this page as they come along. Stay tuned!
  • New! Meta-Analysis for MAPI: You can now query metrics for up to 50 Report IDs in a single request to the /data endpoint! Find detailed information in the API Reference, or head over to our Examples & Templates for step-by-step instructions on how to try this on your own.

MAPI 2.0 Beta – 04.15.2020

  • New! CSV Response Format: In addition to the standard JSON response, you can now ask MAPI to return CSV formatted data. Review the API reference docs for /data or /reports for instructions.

MAPI 2.0 Beta – 03.18.2020

This is the first client-facing release of MAPI 2.0.