Foursquare uses the appropriate HTTP status codes to indicate success or failure of an API request. Generally, codes in the 2xx range indicate a successful request and codes in the 4xx range indicate that some information provided was invalid, omitted or the resource is restricted. Code in the 5xx range indicate an error with our servers.

Status Codes

OK 200Everything works as expected
Bad Request400Any case where a parameter is invalid, or a required parameter is missing.
Unauthorized 401Invalid request token
Forbidden 403The requested information is restricted
Not Found 404Endpoint does not exist.
Method Not Allowed405Attempting to use POST with a GET-only endpoint, or vice-versa.
Conflict 409The request could not be completed as it is. Use the information included in the response to modify the request and retry.
Internal Server Error 500Foursquare’s servers are unhappy. There is either a bug on our side or there is an outage. The request is probably valid but needs to be retried later.

Error Messages

Additional details will be provided in the message field of the response.

    "message": "Invalid request token."

For assistance and related questions, reach out to our team for support.