Release Notes - Places API

May 2024

  • Places Feedback endpoints are now available to all Places API users to propose changes to be incorporated into FSQ Places data.
    • Propose Place Edit: Enable app users or data processing pipelines to propose edits to Place attributes such as address, phone number, or category.
    • Flag Problematic Place: Indicate an issue with a Place, such as a closed location, or correct the lat/long and label for a particular Place.
    • Get Feedback Status: Once a Place Edit or Flag has been submitted, Store the ID of the feedback submission for checking the status of the update later. Then, pass the ID to this endpoint to check the status of the proposed change.

April 2024

  • Place Search endpoint now accepts Category IDs or Category Codes as input to the categories parameter. Category IDs and Category Codes are now interchangeable between products, including Places API, Personalization API, Movement SDK, and Places Flat File.

The categories parameter accept either a single ID or code, or a comma separated list of either type of values.
  • Place Search endpoint now accepts Chain IDs from Personalization API as input in addition to Places API Chain IDs.

July 2023

  • Added ~90 categories to the taxonomy: On June 1, the team added ~90 new categories to the taxonomy. As part of the update, we changed the labels to +150 categories in order to provide more granular information in the hierarchy to enhance search and analysis opportunities. As a whole, this initiative reinforces our goal to provide the most granular and accurate information to our customers, providing the most flexibility available to build the best products. For detailed information, please see our Places Categories documentation.

June 2023

  • Search By Polygon: The Place Search endpoint now includes the ability to search location based on a polygon; must have at least 4 coordinates (separated with a ~) and be considered a "closed" polygon.
  • New Venue Tags: Added new venue tags to match parity with flat file; e.g. datesPopular, glutenFreeDiet, goodForDogs. Venue tags are returned when fields=features is added to the API call. Note: The features response field is a POI rich data field.

May 2023

  • No new releases

April 2023

  • Improved our geofence logic to allow customers to add more geofences without an impact on performance.

March 2023

  • New store_id field is now returned in the Places response schema as a rich attribute. store_id represents the unique ID assigned to a venue in order to differentiate it from other stores within the same chain. Learn more about store_id here.
  • Improved non-english search in autocomplete endpoint.
  • Interactive Demo: Map Search with Address Directory. This demo widget shows you how to use the Places API to build a search map feature. Users can search for an address and display its lat/long within a map along with a directory of businesses located at that address (where applicable). Demo includes full reference code and just requires you input a Mapbox Access Token & a Foursquare API Key to play with the interactive map.
  • Check out the Foursquare workspace on Postman and try out the Places API collection. Create an API key on the Developer Console & paste it into the collection’s fsq_apiKey global variable to get started. You can also view fully populated example responses.
  • Browse the Places API examples GitHub repo for inspiration and references on how to build with the Places API. Each example has a README that explains how to use it.

February 2023

  • Improvements to Places/search in non-english languages (query localization)

January 2023

  • No new releases

December 2022

  • Global Search capability in Place Search – Developers will begin to see global search results for well known and popular venues. For example: if a user located in Japan searches for the “Eiffel Tower”, then the Eiffel Tower in Paris will now be returned as a top result.

November 2022

  • No new releases

October 2022

  • Address Directory: A new API capability enabling developers to build fuller search experiences within their web and app map solutions. The Get Address Details endpoint will display a directory object of all POI at an address when that address is requested through query textbox. The feature will allow for more powerful user experiences and feature a familiar interface users will find easy to use.
  • Place Match API: A new API match service enabling customers to enrich their in-house POI dataset in real time. Place Match will match a user-provided name and location (address or lat/long) to a FSQ POI. View the Place Match endpoint in the API Explorer.

September 2022

  • No new releases

August 20022

  • No new releases

July 2022

  • Autocomplete + Address / More Accurate & Precise Geocodes - A subset of our global addresses, provided by Loqate, had incorrect Latitudes & Longitudes. We’ve now corrected this to improve our accuracy AND precision (now includes a 5th decimal point, up from 4 decimal places).
  • Places API / Flat File Data Quality - API follows and matches the Quality recommendation of Flat File to deliver the same cut of FSQ Places.
  • Places API / Including More Children Venues - Within the related_places data field, API now returns all known Children Venues in the FSQ realm. This data field was previously limited to return 3 children max, but the limit has now been removed.

June 2022