Places API

Access global POI data and rich content from 100K+ trusted sources via our API for real-time venue search, discovery, and ranking.

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Search & Data

Returns places based on user-submitted keywords. Matches against names, categories, tips & tastes.

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Geotagging & Check-in

Detect where your user's device is and what is around them to provide POI tagging that supports a check-in use case.

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Returns a list of top addresses, places, geos, and/or searches partially matching the provided keyword and location inputs.

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Address Data

Retrieve details for any address including non-Places. Works only in conjunction with the Autocomplete endpoint.

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Places Feedback

Enable your end users to directly provide feedback about Foursquare POIs.


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Get Started

In just a few simple steps, you'll be up and running with your first API call in no time!

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Places API Demos

View working web experiences leveraging our most popular API endpoints, including code samples.

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Places API Tutorials

View working code examples with full step-by-step instructions.

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API Usage

Learn about how to use the API including authentication, rate limits and more.

Product Support

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Developer Console

The gateway into Foursquare's Developer tools where developers can create API keys, set up billing, and more.

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Get the answers to our most common questions regarding usage of the Developer Console and related topics.

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Release Notes

Discover the most recent improvements, including the addition of new functionality and other important changes.