Places Photos Guide

Use endpoints like Place Search, Place Details, and Place Photos to retrieve components of a photo URL that can be quickly assembled to get a photo.

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Photos Response Fields
Assemble Photo URL
Category Icons

Response Fields

idA unique identifier for this photo.
created_atThe date and time when this photo was created.
classificationsLabel(s) to help describe the contents of the photo.
prefixBeginning of the URL for this photo.
suffixEnding of the URL for this photo.
widthMaximum width of the photo, in pixels.
heightMaximum height of the photo, in pixels.

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Sample JSON Response

"photos": [
  "classifications":[ "outdoor" ]

Assembling a Photo URL

By returning photo URL components in our JSON response, we're giving developers the flexibility to resize photos on the fly. We fully expect this feature to help reduce your application's overall data load and help you fit photos into pre-sized content boxes with ease.

There are a few ways to assemble a photo URL:

  1. To obtain the original size of the photo, combine prefix + original + suffix:
  1. To scale down this photo, 1) determine the size you want, paying close attention to not exceed the maximum width and height. 2) using your desired width (800px) & height (600px), convert this to a size (width x height) and combine prefix + size + suffix:
  1. To crop this photo, determine the size you would like (ie. 400x400) and combine prefix + size + suffix:

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Category Icons

Icons for categories may be returned in the categories response field and are structured in a similar prefix + size + suffix format. All icons are square images.

  "name":"Amusement Park"

To obtain an icon, the only acceptable size values are one of: 32, 44, 64, 88, or 120 (pixels)

For example, the Amusement Park icon url is:

Additionally, a background can be added to any icon by adding bg_ to the URL (i.e.


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