With endpoints that return a list of results, like Places Search, we may return pagination details in the response's header when there are additional results.

NOTE: The Find Nearby Places endpoint does return a list of results, but does not support pagination.

Response Header

If there are additional pages and results available, the API will respond with a link field in the Response Header. This link value will contain a valid URL that can be used to acquire the next page of results. (The cursor parameter is a stable pointer to the next page of results.)

Use the API Explorer to help identify the Response Header and link for an applicable call. These are viewable by clicking on Metadata.


Using the Limit Parameter

Using the limit parameter, you are able to limit the number of results returned per page.

For example, when using Places Search and specifying limit=5, then you will only receive a maximum of 5 places per page. Similarly, if you are looking for the top 5 results then you will specify limit=5 and only use the first page returned.

For assistance and related questions, reach out to our team for support.