Replace Dataset

Replace a dataset on a map, updating the visualization with the data from the new dataset. You can use this feature to apply a dataset with similar data on top of an existing project, visualizing the dataset with the existing map configuration. Alternatively, you can combine this function with copy_map to use a map as a template, allowing you to create several new projects from a single map and several similar datasets.


Warning! By default, this function expects a dataset with a compatible schema. At minimum, any columns used by map layers etc must be present and of the same type. For managed and hextile datasets, replace_dataset will check the schemas and will error if the new dataset is not compatible with the old one. To override the error, set force = True. To use strict type checking between fields, set strict=True. For other types of dataset, replacing a dataset with another one with an incompatible schema might cause your map's layers, filters, charts, etc to fail to render.

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