Managing an Attribution Campaign

Once you've initiated an Attribution Campaign, we will begin processing your data and generating your reports.

This section contains more information about managing your campaign after submitting it for our review.

Campaign Updates

You may not have had all data on hand when submitting your campaign information. If you wish to:

  • Add or remove media partners
  • Update spend or impressions
  • Change campaign start/end dates
  • Add any other missing or incomplete data

Visit this page for more information.

Media Channel Reporting

Foursquare Attribution supports out-of-the-box reporting by Media Channel, offering you a useful lens on campaign performance. Learn more.

Relative Performance Metrics

Attribution Partners can find relative Performance Metrics (RPMs) featured on the campaign's overview page. RPMs give Partners visibility into how their media is performing relative to comparable inventory from other partners on the campaign, including:

  • Reach
  • Frequency
  • Conversion Rate (CVR)
  • Cost per Store Visit (CPSV)
  • Standard Lift
  • Behavioral
Screenshot of relative performance metrics from the report.

Screenshot of relative performance metrics from a set of reports.

Learn more.

Report Sharing & Exports

You can share reports with other Foursquare Attribution users directly through the Attribution dashboard. You can also export your reports to .XLSX and .PDF.

Learn more.