Media Channel Reporting

For partners, Foursquare Attribution supports out-of-the-box reporting by Media Channel, which offer a useful lens on campaign performance. Where applicable, these reports are found in the Channel Reports tab of your campaign's overview page, featuring:

  1. Media Type reports, aggregating performance across Traditional and Digital inventory types
  2. Media Channel reports, aggregating performance across individual channels

See Channel Coverage below for a full list of supported channels

Media Channel reports update automatically during the flight of your campaign, and include inventory across different publishers where applicable. Like other report types, they can be viewed, exported, and shared directly from the dashboard.



If you need reporting for a custom set of Media Channels, your FSQ Account Representative can continue to provide Custom Reports.

Channel Coverage

To provide the best experience—and reduce latency—Foursquare supports a pre-defined set of Media Channels for standardized reporting. If your campaign requires an alternate set of channels for reporting, your FSQ Account Representative can provide Custom Reports to supplement.

Media TypeMedia ChannelExample Format
DigitalDisplayBanner Ad
DigitalSearchPromoted Search
DigitalAdvanced TV
Includes OTT and Connected TV
0:15 Second Spot
DigitalOnline Video (OLV)Unskippable Ads
DigitalAudioPodcast Sponsorship
DigitalProgrammatic*Varied Digital
DigitalOut-of-HomeInteractive Billboard
TraditionalOut-of-HomeBus Shelter Poster
TraditionalLinear TV (Broadcast)0:30 Second Spot
TraditionalAddressable TV0:60 Second Spot

*Programmatic media is included in a unique Media Channel report to hasten report delivery by default. Your FSQ Account Representative can provide a more granular view as needed.


Issues with Media Channel Report Accuracy

To provide the most up-to-date reporting, Media Type and Channel are automatically assigned to campaign inventory based on several factors.

If you're concerned that your inventory is being mischaracterized, your FSQ Account Representative will be able to make adjustments.

Requesting Coverage for New Media Channels

Our coverage list offers the ability to gain an omnichannel view of your advertising across numerous media types.

If your measurement needs aren't being met using the standardized list, contact your FSQ Account Representative. In many cases, Foursquare can deliver Custom Reports that can meet the specific requirements of your campaign