What is the Reach Estimate, and why does my Proximity segment show 0 for the estimated size?

The Reach Estimate provides an estimate on the size of your segment by constructing a random sample of the entire population of devices in our universe. Keep in mind that this is an estimate and the reach of your segment may vary when activated in your desired platform. By calculating reach off of a sample, the tool is able to quickly give estimates at the push of a button.
When the Proximity Designer shows “0” estimated reach, that means that Foursquare has observed under 10K devices within the geofence boundaries in the last 30 days. While a Proximity segment is buildable at any scale, we recommend expanding your segment criteria, such as expanding the radius size or adding in additional POIs, until you see reach.

Can I layer frequency, time of day, and day of week of visitation over a location in my Proximity segment?

A geofence is designed to reach anyone who walks within the boundaries of the radius, and it is not possible to layer frequency of visitation. Once the Proximity segment has been built and delivered, you can daypart the activation of the segment within your DSP to reach users at a specific time of day or day of week.

What is the lookback window on a Proximity segment?

A Proximity segment is a real-time geofence, so there is no lookback window associated with it. You are free to use a delivered Proximity segment for as long as you’d like.

How long will it take to build my Proximity segment?

This will depend on your activation platform! Delivery SLAs are between 2-4 business days, visit our customer support portal for timelines specific to your platform.

To what DSPs can I deploy a Proximity segment?

Proximity is built for programmatic advertising. Destinations include: The Trade Desk, Viant/Adelphic, Adobe/TubeMogul, AdTheorent, Beeswax, Centro/Basis, and MIQ.

Still have questions?

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