Post-deployment FAQ

Where do I go to find my segments?

To locate your Foursquare segments, you will generally search for the Targeting Code you defined in the third-party library of your preferred platform or DSP. We recommend connecting with your platform support team for additional guidance on locating your segments. For example:

  • TTD
    • Audience: TTD’s DMP, Audience Manager
    • Proximity: Location Targeting > Geofencing - Powered by Factual
  • DV360
    • Audience: Targeting Section under Audiences, 1st and 3rd party
  • Xandr
    • Audience: Audiences --> “Third party Segments”

Why does my Proximity segment show 0 loads or minimal reach?

Foursquare Proximity segments will show 0 or minimal reach in a platform’s UI because they're a real-time targeting solution, meaning that there are no live IDs associated with them. Foursquare Proximity is an ID-free geo-contextual solution, and we are delivering the radius boundaries of each geofence vs. delivering any MAIDS or cookies to the platform. To be served an ad, a person will need to enter the geofence and have their location validated by the platform. This process happens in real time, so the platform is unable to forecast how many users are within the fences before the segments are set live. We recommend checking with your platform support team to validate, but showing 0 or minimal reach is expected behavior.

Why does my Audience segment show 0 loads or minimal reach?

After delivery, it can take up to 72 hours for an Audience segment to populate in the platform. If it has been more than 72 hours, we recommend refreshing the segment in the Audience Designer as described in the Refresh Segments article in this section. If the segment is still not populating, visit our customer support portal for further support.

What are the campaign-level best practices that Foursquare recommends?

Foursquare Targeting is all you need. There is no need to add additional platform-side targeting to the same line item, especially geo-targeting.

  • If you need to run platform targeting, run it as a separate line item
  • Do not restrict delivery with an overly strict whitelist and/ or blacklist
  • Please refrain from layering on brand safety or viewability, as these additional layers tend to restrict the delivery
  • The use of IAS tags may prevent delivery
  • For the best scale, target both iOS and Android inventory
  • Do not restrict delivery with a frequency cap that's less than IAB standard (3x/user/day)
  • Ensure you target mobile in-app, mobile web, and desktop environments for Proximity segments (when applicable)
  • Ensure you target mobile in-app, mobile web, desktop, and CTV environments for Audience segments (when applicable)

Can I run an Audience and a Proximity segment together in the same ad group?

Foursquare does not recommend bundling Audience and Proximity together in an ad group as an AND statement, as scale for delivery will be extremely low. If the segments are set up within the same ad group as an OR statement, there should be no issue.

  • One ad group targeting users who are in the geofence OR who fit the audience profile = YES
  • One ad group targeting users who are in the geofence AND fit the audience profile = NO

What inventory sources should I target for Audience or Proximity?

  • Foursquare Audiences can be leveraged against almost any inventory source- desktop, in-app, mobile web, CTV, social, etc.
  • Foursquare Proximity can be leveraged against app-based and cross-device inventory, but it will serve strongly on in-app inventory.
    • FSQ Proximity validates that a user is within the radius boundaries of the geofence by matching the lat/long of the impression call back to the lat/longs that are within the geofence. In-app inventory passes the lat/long metric regularly, and other inventory sources (display, CTV, mobile web, etc.) pass it back less frequently
    • Proximity is also designed to reach users while they are out and about, on the move. Most people are not using their laptop, tablet, or connected TV while they’re out in the real world, so avails are lower on these inventory sources.

Can Foursquare monitor my campaign and help me optimize?

Once Foursquare segments have been delivered to a platform, we have no visibility into the campaign or campaign performance. We’re happy to help however we can, but we would recommend looping in your platform support team for assistance throughout the campaign set up and activation process.

Still have questions?

Visit our customer support portal for further support.