• Impressions: There are no impression minimums for self-service. A minimum impression commitment of 2M impressions/month is needed for managed service.
  • Devices: Each Audience will also need to reach a minimum of 10K devices to activate. An audience size of 0 indicates a need to increase the lookback window, radius and/or locations being targeted.


In most scenarios:

  • Audience: $1.50 CPM
  • Proximity: $0.75 CPM

Timeline for Delivery

Delivery timelines depend on the platform but range from 2-6 business days.

A build confirmation email will be sent once the deployment is initiated, which will include a platform-specific ETA.

A final email will be sent upon completion of the deployment.

Ready-to-use Audiences

A number of partner platforms have off-the-shelf segments available within their interfaces for immediate activation, including lifestyle & lifestage, place categories, chains, and more. These platforms include:

  • Basis Technologies
  • Google (DV360)
  • The Trade Desk
  • Adelphic (Viant)
  • Xandr / Appnexus