What is a Foursquare Audience segment?

Foursquare Audience is based on past visitation and real-world foot traffic, making it highly customizable and scalable. For example, Starbucks Visitors in the last 30 Days, Winter Holiday Travelers, Lapsed gas station Visitors, Moms who Live Near Target
Audiences can be activated across almost any screen or channel, including desktop, mobile, social, CTV, OTT, OOH, and more…

What is the Reach Estimate, and why does my Audience segment show 0 for the estimated size? I know there were at least a few people that visited the location during this lookback window.

The Reach Estimate provides an estimate on the size of your segment by constructing a random sample of the entire population of devices in Foursquare’s universe. By calculating reach off of a sample, the tool is able to quickly give estimates at the push of a button!
When the Audience Designer shows “0” estimated reach, that means that the segment contains less than 10k devices (which is FSQ’s minimum size for segments). Any segment that contains under 10k devices will automatically fail when the build is requested, so the UI shows “0” at any number below that threshold. We recommend expanding your segment criteria, such as extending the lookback window, adding in additional POIs, incorporating online interests, etc. until you see reach.

What is the reach multiplier in the FSQ Targeting UI?

FSQ uses a machine learning model which takes a seed audience, such as "visitors to Starbucks", infers their most predictive geo-behavioral attributes (using all of the real-world observations/attributes we have on these mobile devices), and creates an expanded audience of "look-a-like" users who display similar geo-behavioral patterns. We recommend using this feature to increase the scale of your audience.

What are Online Interests? What is the lookback window on Online Interests?

FSQ is able to build audiences based on online interests in addition to location behavior- location and online data are powerful when used in combination and can indicate even stronger buyer intent! The combination of location AND online interest data enhances FSQ’s capabilities by giving us targetable signals on users who have not yet visited a location, but show intent that they will eventually visit later on in their purchase journey.
Use online interests as an AND statement to make the segment more niche and qualified
Use online interests as an OR statement to make the segment broader and more scalable
The lookback window on Online Interests is 90 days, and these are refreshed with the bi-weekly Audience index.

What is the criteria for each frequency category (low, medium, and high)?

To determine frequency of visitation to a location, Foursquare looks at all of the visits to a place or place category and separates visitors into the top third of visits (high), middle third (medium), and bottom third of visits (low). These buckets are unique to each location, so we are not able to provide absolute numbers to define what equates to high, medium, or low frequency.

How do I change my segment titles to an AND or an OR statement?

To change tiles to and from AND/OR statements, simply click and drag the tiles together or apart.

Can I layer frequency, time of day, and day of week of visitation over a location in my Audience segment?

Yes, you can layer these features if you are adding locations (chain, category, etc.) to your design from the UI! If you are using a list of lat/longs, this is not a supported functionality.

What is the longest lookback window I can use on an Audience?

The Audience Designer allows you to go back 3 years for a custom date range, but Foursquare recommends a maximum lookback window of 2 years. Most consumers trade in and get new devices on a 2 year cadence, so there is minimal scale added to your design beyond this timeframe.

How long will it take to build my Audience segment?

This will depend on your activation platform! Delivery SLAs are between 2-6 business days, visit our customer support portal for timelines specific to your platform!

Still have questions?

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