What is Proximity?

Proximity lets you highly-customized geofences via a self-serve user interface, or with the help of our in-house experts.

Proximity lets you:

  • Develop geofences with an extraordinary level of customization options
  • Refine and filter your geofences, limiting them to certain categories, localities, and much more
  • Approximate the reach of your geofences on the fly


Foursquare Proximity allows you to easily design geofences using our self-serve UI to reach users while they are out and about. Our intuitive Proximity Designer allows you to leverage our POI data and filter through chains and categories to build a geofence to your exact targeting requirements.

How It Works

Foursquare leverages first-party point-of-interest data and other quality data sources to create massive geospatial datasets, which are securely processed and enhanced via machine learning. Using Proximity on your campaign, your ad platform is able to validate that a user is within the radius boundaries of the geofence by matching the lat/long of the impression to the lat/longs that are within the geofence.


Our Proximity Designer is interactive, granting users of all technical ability full power when designing geofence. Get started building a Proximity segment.