Event Targeting for Proximity

Single-location geofences can be difficult to deliver against. If you find yourself needing more scale, you can expand the reach in your segment by targeting beyond geofencing the event venue.

General Tips for Event Targeting

  • Geofence local airports, rail stations, and other transit POIs the day prior and the day following the event dates
  • Geofence nearby or event-sponsored hotels to reach event attendees during downtime
  • Geofence nearby restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc. to reach event attendees during downtime
  • Increase the radius size on the venue geofence to reach attendees as they walk around and explore the area during event breaks

Geofences will serve strongly against in-app inventory, so ensure that you are including it on your campaign inventory mix.

  • Proximity validates that a user is within the radius boundaries of the geofence by matching the lat/long of the impression call back to the lat/longs that are within the geofence. In-app inventory passes the lat/long metric regularly, and other inventory sources (display, CTV, mobile web, etc.) pass it back less frequently
  • Proximity is designed to reach users while they are out and about, on the move. Most people are not using their laptop, tablet, or connected TV while they’re out in the real world, so avails are lower on these inventory sources

Layering additional data (CRM exclusion, demographics, behavioral, etc.) over the segments will heavily impact scale.

Inventory within the geofence may be very in demand across other advertisers who are trying to reach the same attendees, so setting a competitive bid price will help win impressions.

Event style may impact scale if attendees are encouraged to be phone-free or limit their online activity, it may be tricky to reach users throughout the flight.

Helpful Event Targeting Reminders

When the Proximity Designer shows “0” estimated reach, that means that Foursquare has observed under 10,000 devices within the geofence boundaries in the last 30 days. While a Proximity segment is buildable at any scale, we recommend expanding your segment criteria, such as expanding the radius size or adding in additional POIs until you see an acceptable reach value.