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Learn about Audience, a tool for designing/deploying audience segments derived from historical place visits, and Proximity, a tool for building highly-customized geofences.


Quantify the effectiveness of advertising campaigns at driving conversions across all channels.

Campaign Tools

Feasibility Calculator

Provide your estimated impressions to get a score for your campaign. Alternatively, provide weights and frequencies to get the minimum number of impressions needed to get started with Attribution.

  • Digital media measurement
  • Television media
  • Out-of-home media
  • Get minimum impressions or estimated matched visitors
Campaign Feasibility Calculator Example


Get Started Guides

Get Started with Audience

New to building Audience segments with Foursquare? Jump into our step-by-step guide that brings you up to speed.

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Get Started with Proximity

Want to create geofences tailored for your campaign? This full guide walks you through Foursquare's Proximity tool.

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Get Started with Attribution

Confused about setting up your campaign in Foursquare Attribution? This guide contains detailed descriptions for each step of the process.

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