Who is my Account Representative / Point of Contact?

If you do not have a point of contact for Foursquare Attribution, please reach out to us for assistance. Please provide as much information as possible to ensure a fast resolution

How do I change details about my campaign?

If you need to make updates to media partners, estimated impressions, flight dates, or anything else, please start here. In some cases, making changes to a campaign impacts feasibility, so you will most likely work with an account representative.

I can't pixel my inventory. What should I do?

Foursquare Attribution is able to ingest exposure data via S3 or SFTP. S3 and SFTP are only compatible if you are able to match the exposure event back to a MAID.

When will my first report be ready?

Reporting will be made available once the results are statistically viable, and the metrics are stable enough to inform optimization decisions. Oftentimes, reporting will be made available approximately 2 weeks into the campaign. Please consult your Foursquare account representative for guidance on when your report will be made available.

When will my report update after it’s first released?

Foursquare Attribution reports are updated on a daily basis with data included reflected in the “visits through” date on your report

When will my report be finalized?

Reports are finalized after the close of the conversion window plus an additional 7 days for data reconciliation.

For example, if your campaign flight ends May 1st, with a conversion window of 14 days, your report is finalized on May 21st.

I want to see specific data cuts, how can I make them?

Please consult your Foursquare account representative to see if date-specific cuts for your report are feasible.

How can I share reports with others?

Please see our Sharing Guide for instructions.

Still need help?

Visit our customer support portal for further support.