What is Audience?

Foursquare Audience is our tool for tapping into customers – past, present, and future.

Audience lets you:

  • Win back lapsed customers by targeting them with tailored messaging encouraging revisits.
  • Reach consumers that recently visited competitive store locations and gain market share.
  • Acquire new customers during the purchase cycle that are likely interested in your products and visiting complimentary chains.
  • Maximize ROI and allocate budget efficiently by only targeting high-intent customers and ensuring there is no budget wastage.


Foursquare Audience converts time-stamped location data into targetable demographic, behavioral, and geographic user profiles. It is designed for marketers – from advertising agencies to brands – to better reach their ideal audience with their multi-channel campaigns and drive campaign ROI.

How It Works

Foursquare leverages first-party and other quality data sources to create massive geospatial datasets, which are securely processed and enhanced via machine learning. The result is accurate datasets that can be used to create audience segments via visitation and other data.


Foursquare Audience allows you to create highly-customized segments that reflect real-world consumer behaviors to reach customers with accuracy at scale. With a range of demographic, behavioral, and geographic data to build from, you can tailor your segment to your exact targeting needs and deploy them across all channels.


Our self-serve tool is interactive, granting users of all technical ability full power when designing an audience. Get started building an Audience segment.