Report Sharing & Exports

You can share and export your Foursquare Attribution reports.

Sharing Attribution Reports

If your report is part of a larger analysis that your team or advertiser client is conducting (i.e. multi-partner report), they may you to share the results with them through the Attribution dashboard. You can share reports with other Attribution users directly through the Attribution dashboard

You can share reports with other PPBF users directly through the PPBF dashboard:

  1. Access the report in our UI by logging into and clicking on the link of the report you would like to share
  2. Once you have accessed the report you would like to share, click on the box(es) next to the report name
  3. Click the “Share” function in the upper right corner of the dashboard
  4. Enter the emails of contacts you would like to share your report with
  5. Click “Save and Close”



You can only share UI reports with users who have Foursquare Attribution accounts. Review this guide to create new user accounts.

In the next section, you'll see how you can use Report Exports to share reports with people who do not have access to Placed powered by Foursquare.

Report Export

Foursquare Attribution offers reporting in the following formats to best serve your use cases:

  1. XLSX
  2. PDF
  3. API


To access reports via PDF or XLSX:

  1. Navigate to your campaign from the Campaign Dashboard
  2. Using the checkboxes, select the reports you would like to export. Note that selecting several reports may take additional time to process.
  3. From the toolbar, select your preferred data format
  4. A processing window will appear as your download prepares. Note that the download will continue even if you navigate away from this page, but you must remain in the Foursquare Attribution UI for it to complete.

Measurement API

Foursquare Attribution offers a Measurement API for programmatic access to your Attribution campaign reporting metrics and advanced querying. Contact your Account Representative for a demo.