Media Mix

Foursquare Attribution offers measurement across a variety of media channels. In this section, select all channels you’d like to include as a part of this measurement campaign.

Users can select digital media, out-of-home media, or both.

Users can select digital media, out-of-home media, or both.


Deduplicated Measurement is Available!

Foursquare offers deduplicated Omnichannel measurement for campaigns meeting certain requirements. Contact your Account Representative for more information on availability and pricing.

Digital Media

Choose this option to measure digital inventory. Examples include:

  • Desktop and Mobile Web Ads
  • In-App Ads
  • Search and Display
  • Online Video
  • Social Media

Out-of-Home Media

Choose this option to measure out-of-home (OOH) media. Out-of-home media includes:

Traditional/Path-based OOH

Often large screens or posters that display advertisements in areas of high traffic, such as roads, highways, and city centers.

Examples include:

  • Billboards
  • Street Furniture (bus shelters, kiosks, newsstands, etc)
  • Posters

Place-Based OOH

Screens placed within a venue, such as a mall, building, or transit location

  • Cinema pre-roll advertisements
  • Screens at gas stations
  • Screens in large, standalone venues (airports, train stations, stadiums, etc)

Television Media


Unavailable in Self-Service

This option is currently disabled for self-service. Please contact your Account Representative if you're interested in measuring TV media.

Choose this option to measure your TV inventory. Examples include:

  • Linear / Broadcast TV
  • Addressable TV
  • Over-the-Top (OTT) or Connected TV (CTV)