File Upload

You have several opportunities to upload files in Foursquare Attribution. We request these files to ensure your campaign's needs are best met as we prepare your reports.

No special formats, file types, or structures are required for these files, unless otherwise specified. These files are not automatically parsed or processed – they are given to our experts to analyze.

Uploading Media Plans

During campaign setup, you will be asked if you’d like to upload a media plan.

The Media Plan modal lets you upload files of any type.

The Media Plan modal lets you upload files of any type.

While optional, we strongly recommend uploading a media plan if you have one available. Your Account Representative uses this information for quality assurance purposes, ensuring proper accounting of all media in your campaign.

Note: If you wish to continue setting up the campaign, you can always supply your media plan at a later date.

Uploading Linear TV As-Run Logs


Not available in Self-Service

This feature is not yet available for self-service campaigns.

However, you can still leverage our team of in-house experts. Please contact your Account Representative for measuring Linear TV campaigns with custom as-run logs.