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Analytics Products


Next-generation geospatial analytics platform for working with big geospatial data.

Campaign Products


Create and deploy audience segment, dervied from our rich repository of historical place visits.

Campaign Products


Quantify the effectiveness of advertising campaigns at driving conversions across all channels.

Data Products


Enrich your understanding of locations to help you drive business decisions or develop engaging user experiences.


Places API

Access global POI data and rich content from 100K+ trusted sources via our API for real-time venue search, discovery, and ranking.


Personalization API

Leverage our global POI database alongside our personalization algorithms to provide a personalized search experience unique to a user’s specific tastes, visit history, review sentiment, and more.


Movement Geofence API

Enable Movement SDK user-configured geofences for specific venues, categories, and more.


Studio Data API

Create, manage, and modify geospatial assets used on Foursquare Studio . Integrate into your pipeline tasks for the bulk processing of geospatial data, allowing for the efficient flow of data into Studio.


Measurement API

Measurement API (MAPI) is a tool for accessing measurement data, powering everything from insights gathering to campaign optimization. MAPI combines unparalleled data granularity with a flexible syntax to put you in control of your report data.


Movement SDK

Create real-time, contextual mobile experiences, and bridge the gap between online interests and real-world behaviors.


Studio Data SDK

Supports automated, scalable management of maps and seamless integration with your work flows.


Studio Map SDK

Control, embed and customize maps on your own webpage or in Jupyter Notebooks.

Product Spotlight

Personalization API

Leverage user-generated content such as tastes, venue ratings, reviews, check-ins, current location, and more to power increasingly personalized and detailed app experiences.

  • Returns search results based on user’s location and user-submitted keywords
  • Highlight the best places through access to photos, reviews, tips, and more
  • Showcase new venues based on where a user's been or what’s popular in their area
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Get Started Guides

Get Started with the Places API

New to the Foursquare Places API? Not to worry, we've got you covered. In just a few simple steps, you'll be up and running with your first API call in no time!

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Get Started with the Personalization APIs

New to the Foursquare Personalization APIs? Not to worry, we've got you covered. In just a few simple steps, you'll be up and running with your first API call in no time!

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Get Started with Foursquare Studio

Using Foursquare Studio, you can create powerful geospatial visualizations that you can share with the world.

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