Place Delivery Options

Which Access is Best For You

While you can access Places data via API or flat file, our API was not designed to simply be a way to query against the full database. Instead, it was designed for specific use cases common to web and app developers.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine which product is best for your business needs. Many customers use both.


Reach out to us for help with determining which product is right for you.

Places Flat File

  • Core data and rich data
  • Enrich your existing venue database with rich, user-generated content
  • Download fresh, up-to-date venue content verified by humans, software and third parties
  • Customize data to your business needs:
    • Delivered daily, weekly or monthly
    • Available via JSON or TSV

Places API

  • Get real-time data access and help users discover nearby venues
  • Core data, rich data and residential address data
  • Enhance your apps’ search functionality
  • Assign a user’s smartphone to a specific location, in real-time
  • Help users make informed decisions